Expérience / Teaching: 7 années / yrs
Studio:  Verdun | Map
Intersection / Cross Street:  Regine/Hickson
Metro / Metro:  Lasalle
Autobus / Bus:  
Langues parlées / Languages:  EN, FR

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À propos de / About John


Guitare | Guitar: Débutant, Intermédiaire (Beginner, Intermediate)
Piano | Piano: Débutant, Intermédiaire (Beginner, Intermediate)

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Biographie / Biography:

Certified Montreal Academy of Music Teacher since 2016.

A wonderful member of our team!

John has been playing music his whole life, the drums for more than twenty years, and has several years' experience on the guitar and piano. Currently he is preparing for the grade nine piano examination with the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Being self taught, it was not until later in life that he underwent formal training on both drums and piano. It was an experience that led to much personal growth and the desire to share what he has learned with others.

John has an easy going approach to music instruction and is capable of adapting himself to the diverse needs of students. He looks forward to helping you reach your goals and to grow musically!

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