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Can I cancel my registration?

Yes. We know that changes in life and work can affect your plans sometimes. If you wish to cancel a registration before its end date, simply submit your request by email to the ACADEMY OFFICE with a 2 lesson notice so that we can assign your slot to another student. You can of course still go to the last 2 lessons for which you are giving your notice. Our policy is to never charge you a penalty should you have to stop your lessons.

Your first lesson is ALWAYS a trial lesson

so that we ensure a perfect teacher-student match. If you choose to discontinue for any reason before your second lesson, you will be fully reimbursed for all remaining paid lessons. No 2 week notice needed! It's that easy!

Need to re-schedule a lesson?

No problem. Just give your teacher a 24 hour notice and re-schedule your lesson. We offer a 30 day extension to the end date of your registration to complete lessons you could not fit in.

GROUP lessons: Please note that individuals who cannot come to a lesson in a GROUP setting, will not be reimbursed for their absence and cannot carry forward a credit.
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