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"Nic's concept of teaching is very structured, and at the same time he adapts the content to my individual interests.I love our conversations about music theory as much as practical exercises and the approaches to songs. From lesson one he started to gradually build up a well-rounded practice plan including excercises to improve my technical skills, improvising, ear training, sight reading. Over the course of my lessons, we compiled a setlist of songs based on my musical taste and individually adapted to my piano skills. From time to time we revisit one of those songs and enhance it with something new I learned. This is nice because I can see my own progress over time. Oh, and maybe I should mention that Nic and I never personally met (yet), as I am living in Europe, and we only do virtual piano classes. Still, I can surely state that Nic is the most inspirational and fun teacher that I ever had." - Michael

"I am so fortunate to have Susana as my teacher. She is absolutely amazing, very patient kind and encouraging. I would highly recommend her to any students considering taking lessons. I started very late in life and I couldn\'t be more lucky to be working with her." - Nicole

"Darcie has shown an impressive ability to teach, motivate and instill confidence in my kids. She is a highly talented musician that sets her students on a path where they can excel and grow."

"Bryne is absolutely remarkable. Our son has autism, ADHD and has really struggled in a school environment. Working with Bryne has been a game changer on so many levels. Bryne’s lessons have helped our son build receptive and expressive language skills, build tolerance, attention, and have made a significant contribution to his self-esteem and self-confidence - all while learning to play an instrument. Bryne is patient, kind, receptive, and motivating. He plays a very important role in our overall therapy for our son."

"Joanna is a five star voice instructor by all measures that are important to me: knowledge, skill, enthusiasm, empathy, and discipline. I have rarely worked with anyone online who is so capable of making a zoom call feel like we are in the same room. She helped me break a number of bad habits that I had accumulated over the years. I highly recommended her for mature students. Thank you, Joanna, for a challenging and rewarding learning experience." -Ron

"A very warm welcome from Victoria. Victoria was generous in providing me with a lot of information (reading, videos) to support our discussions and help me understand the instrument and how to play it. This is a teacher with the qualities to transmit information and encouragement for the development of the student. A great experience. Thank you" - Jo Anne

"Matthew is very patient and encouraging. He had a number of different ways he can explain things if need be and is considerate of his students' needs & understanding. It's been a pleasure :)" -Julia

"I was an adult learning to play piano for the first time and I am so glad that I've found Chooi! She is a great communicator and her feedback has been very helpful. She is also very patient and joyful so our lessons have always been really fun. I would highly recommend anyone to take lessons with her." -Razvan

"Excellent teacher, very encouraging and inspiring, I feel my progress and I love her openness, always ready to try other areas, the music is so pleasant in her company !! Thanks Ella 😊" -Camille

"Natsuki is a great teacher. Her spirit is kind and lively and her love of piano comes through in her teaching. She is competent and my daughter really enjoys the lessons. Despite our current lessons being held through facetime (given the current situation because of Covid in Montreal), Natsuki has a great ear for music and sound and has shown us that, even despite the distance, her teaching method is still very effective. We appreciate Natsuki very much and would highly recommend her. Thank you Natsuki - we appreciate your work very much !" -Dalia

"This is my daughters second year with Annabelle. She had taken lessons previously with other companies. My daughter has participated in one particular competition for many years. Last year, after one year with Annabelle, one of the people who have been with the competition in a technical capacity for as long as my daughter has been competing, stopped my daughter to express how incredible the improvement has been over the prior year. That's not to say the prior instruction was not good, but that sometimes, you plateau with one person and need to move on to be able to learn more. Annabelle's instruction has been fantastic, and my daughter learns more and more every lesson." - Lorainne

"I'm writing this email to thank you for the engagement of my piano lessons. Thank you for directing me to Ms Yi, a brilliant and a passionate piano teacher, who is very patient, professional and knowledgeable. She is good at inspiring people and makes a personal plan for each student. In one word, I love this teacher. Thank you" - Qian

Hello, I am the mother of a student by the name of Deidra Corina Robertson-Chois. She took lesson with one of the best voice teachers, the late Christine Attalah for many years. This teacher was instrumental in giving her the technique to sing well. Christine left us too soon but she left my daughter the gift of singing. My daughter was 14 at the time of her first lessons and is now 23. Thanks to you and to her wonderful teacher she continued her career as a singer as is now on the first rounds of LaVoix 6. Her name is Deidra Chois. So thank you to you for your wonderful dedicated teachers and this special performance I dedicate the the beaufiful and talented Christine Attalah my her voice and encouragements always shine in my daughter's life.
You may go an look on youtube at the La Voix 6 site: under Deidra Chois and Ben Cherry and also at her website : They have other videos. You may share this story if you wish and have your students and parents see the videos as witness to how your school was instrumental to start my daughter's appreciation of music.
Many thanks. Merci beaucoup à tout l'équipe./Ana Rosa Chois

"I would like to say how much I have appreciated learning from my trumpet teacher, Leo. He has a true gift and willingness to share this with others. I feel I have excelled under his leadership." /Pauline Harnum

My kids and I are presently taking piano lessons with Houry. She is a wonderful teacher; very patient and she take her time to teach. She is always smiling and she is very motivating. I recommend Houry to anyone who wants to learn the piano. Thank you! / Debora C.

"I am so glad that the Academy found me such a wonderful flute teacher. Caroline is a professional flute player as well as McGill University educated teacher, who has won many awards herself.She is very patient and kind and very encouraging, so I've made a lot of progress in two years and I enjoy my lessons."/Judy W.

"Dear Randa, Thank you for your care and follow up; it means so very much to me. I will be more than happy to pursue singing with Angie... It seems that I will be singing again soon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." / Mansa - Student in Montreal

"The students and staff at Sinclair Laird Elementary School in Montreal would like to say Thank-You to All You Need Music and the Canada Music Academy for providing the instruments we bought after being awarded the Band Aid Musical Instrument Grant from MusiCounts this year. The new instruments are an exciting addition to our music program. It is such a pleasure to see the children enjoying a variety of new instruments in class as well as in the preparation of our upcoming Spring Concerts. All You Need Music played a big role in fulfilling our instrument "wish list" within our given deadline, they were always so friendly and ready to help. The CTV coverage is testament to how happy the students were to open the new boxes of instruments for the first time and discover what would become part of our school's inventory. Thank-You All You Need Music for helping us with the last and most exciting part of fulfilling our goal." / Mme. Helene Diguer, Music Teacher, Sinclair Laird School

"As a parent at Sinclair Laird and member of the Parents Participation Organization, I would like to say Thank-You for all the great instruments that All You Need Music supplied us with. We are always trying to help raise the bar in the students' education and bringing greater exposure to music and the arts is a big part of this process. They were so excited to discover so many new instruments and equally happy to have new instruments in good shape and in more abundance. Thank-You for being such and integral part of this process, we are excited to see all the instruments we have now being played by our kids. / Joanna Peters Mother and Volunteer, Sinclair Laird School

I would like to congratulate you and your team on the wonderful concert you organized in June. I was very much impressed with the overall talent of all the students. I understand that for some of them it was the first time in front of an audience and for some it was the first time on the professional stage. Nevertheless, they all showed the incredible talent they posses. My family and I, we enjoyed every single performance. The fact that the Starfest event took place at Place des Arts has given all of the students, parents and, I am sure, the music teachers that additional edge. I would like to thank you and all the organizers who dedicated their valuable time and professional expertise to organize this year's event. Congratulations. /Magdalena (Parent)

 I just want to thank you for letting me take part in the recital on the 19th. I had such a great time! Nobody at school could believe that I had played at Place Des Arts! Well, thanks for such a great opportunity! / Jordy  (Student - 10yrs Old - Piano)

thought I would send an email to you guys thanking you for all that you have done this year for Alexandra. I have seen the tremendous progress she has made over the years all thanks to your hard work and dedication. / Kim  (Parent).

Great show, we are very impressed with the performances. Keep up the good work!!!
Tracey Was amazing as MC!!!! / Brigitte A (Parent).

Samia & Michael, I really appreciated all the work you guys put into the concert. I was proud to be a part your organization. Nice job. It was inspiring & motivating. /Dave (Teacher)

We would like to tell you that we are very happy with the school, the teacher, Talia, and the service that we have gotten. My son has enjoyed every minute of this experience. Thank you for making it so positive. / Marsha

I have been a sudent of the Academy since January 2004 and it's been a wonderful experience. I got a late start with my music lessons (I'm  41) and was a little concerned about being able to follow. I'm glad to say that things are going well and I'm very happy with my violin teacher, Trina. I enjoy her teaching style very much and plan to continue with her. / Bianca S. - violin student

I think you're doing a great service for music lovers. Keep up the good work.
Angela:) / Teacher

We are absolutely thrilled with our teachers.  Our guitar teacher  has been a great influence on our son and he is loving his lessons.  Our piano teacher is a real jewel.  Her talent, patience and interactions with our son have given him a wonderful first experience. /Judith – Parent

You know I think you're marvelous - so organized, upbeat, very "student-centred". /Jill  (teacher)

My daughters have 2 different teachers (Cathy and Marilyn) and they are both extremely pleased with their lessons. It's been a pleasure dealing with the school and the teachers thus far and we look forward to continuing the lessons throughout the school year. /Jane  (Parent)

Having worked for several teaching studio's throughout the years, I have to say that the Montreal Academy is one of the best I've worked for so far. / Kathryn (Teacher)

My son Luis is taking trumpet lessons with Xylo. Xylo has certainly been a great teacher for Luis so far and we are looking forward to working with him in the future. /Verena (Parent)

Thank you
for what a great time I have been having! I am making good progress and happy with the lessons!  Marilyn gives her students confidence.  Music lessons are going really really well and I am happy with the way things are working out! /Carla

We love Gracey's new accordion teacher and he seems to be a perfect match for our needs. Mathieu is a sensitive and intelligent teacher who lives and breathes music in a creative and original way. The experience is very inspiring and motivating (even for mom who sits on the side and does paperwork during the lesson). Mathieu has been flexible with his schedule and this was also an asset as Gracey is still interested in maintaining her accordion lessons but is swamped with new life demands as she is in her first semester of a science program at Cegep and is holding down a job for the first time as well. It has been a stressful semester, but the lessons with Mathieu help rather than add to the sense of excessive demand she has had to deal with. We feel fortunate to have Mathieu as Gracey's accordion teacher and look forward to many more lessons.
Take care and thank you for finding someone so talented. /Mary (Parent)

Thank you very much! Yes, we really appreciated the quality of the lessons, the well-organized website, and everything about your academy. Best, Mary

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