The Montreal Academy of Music

Montreal's Music School - Across Montreal & Surroundings

Our Vision:

The Montreal Academy of Music was founded on the principle that music education is one of the most valuable investments we can make. With the fundamental belief that music can bring about positive change, contributing to our social wellbeing and to our intellectual development, musical participation is one of the most important experiences we can have. Our instinct to gravitate towards music, as children, and as adults, is natural, and according to recent studies, we maintain a higher IQ and better memory throughout our lives when we have played a musical instrument in our lifetime.

So pure enjoyment is just one of the many reasons to go ahead and take music lessons!

Our Commitment:

Since 1995, the Montreal Academy of Music has committed itself to offering the highest quality music education, supported by well planned, fun, flexible programs for students of all ages and backgrounds across Canada. With personalized programs to suit every student need, and by maintaining strong pedagogical methods including RCM exam preparations, and audition preparations, we strive to combine the very best that music education has to offer. We believe the learning experience is most effective when students are taught in a relaxed environment, supported by clear methods and goals, as well as plenty of pure musical enjoyment and fun! Many of our students have continued on to busy careers as musicians, and thousands of our students across Canada have taken home a valuable and wonderful musical experience, to be cherished and enjoyed throughout their lives.
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