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Music Lessons at our Laval- Ste-Rose/Fabreville Studios and At Home

The Montreal Academy of Music offers innovative music lessons in the Laval- Ste-Rose/Fabreville area as well as from your home.

Whether you are a first time student or a seasoned professional, our certified music teachers can help you further your studies with the Academy's challenging and motivating curriculum.

Our outstanding team of certified music teachers are specialized in a diverse range of styles offering programs in jazz, world, electronic, classical, popular music and beyond. Music lessons are available at our school, in your home and from our accredited Academy studios in the Laval- Ste-Rose/Fabreville and surrounding areas.

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Music Lessons at Home in Laval- Ste-Rose/Fabreville

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Academy Music Schools and Accredited Academy Studios are also located in the following areas: and more.
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